The true measure of a great school can be found in the comments from staff, students and the community. Below are testimonials we have received from Brow revamp students.

“I think the best word that describes Brow Revamp School is excellence, from the moment that I came to ask for information I could see it. With an amazing staff they provide not only really interactive and high quality detailed information with well prepared bronchures, they truly make you have your best customer experience. These guys, “no-mainstream”stuff. ” So sad they’re yet to begin classes. I sure will be number one to apply when they roll off. 

Antony Kagiri 24, student

“I highly recommend this school for improving your Microblading skills! They’re office is very warm and friendly atmosphere, it feels like home!” All this positive talk and they’re yet to even begin classes. From they’re work, they’re by a milestone the best in the region. Can’t wait to learn from BROW REVAMP. 

Anastachia Gichuki 20, Student.

They’re yet to start offering classes but their customer relations is excellent. Good job guys. The training program should start soon, we can’t wait!

Atieno Mary 22, Student.